Newfield Central School

247 Main Street, Newfield, NY


Mission: “To educate, provide opportunities, and foster individual excellence in academic, vocational, fine arts and technical learning. To challenge every individual to strive for excellence as a way of life. To develop and nurture physical and emotional well-being, self-worth, personal integrity, moral and ethical values, and respect for self and others. To provide a safe, healthy environment and a positive, enthusiastic atmosphere.”


Name: Newfield Central School District
Contact: Dr. Cheryl Thomas / Superintendent
Phone: 607-564-9955 Ext 4500
Name: Newfield Elementary School
Contact: Vicky Volpicelli / Principal
Phone: 607-564-9955 Ext 1145
Name: Newfield Middle School
Contact: Catherine Griggs / Principal
Phone: 607-564-9955 Ext 2126
Name: Newfield High School
Contact: Robin Hawk / Principal
Phone: 607-564-9955 Ext 3130
Name: Newfield PTA
Contact: Meredith Aidon / President
Contact: Suzie Taylor / Treasurer
Contact: Sarah White / Secretary
Phone: 607-564-9955 Ext 1145
Name: Newfield Booster Club
Contact: Tina Henry
Phone: 607-564-9955
Name: Newfield School Child Care Program
Contact: Kittie Hollander / Program Coordinator
Phone: 607-564-9955 Ext 4103

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Comprehensive Plan

The comprehensive town plan, which was adopted on September 12, 2013, is available here: TOWN PLAN

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