Clarity Connect Fiber Expansion in Newfield

Clarity Fiber Solutions, LLC of Ithaca today announced the expansion of its fiber-optic network that delivers high-speed Internet to households, farms, and businesses in rural areas of Tompkins County, including unserved areas of Lansing, Groton, Dryden, Danby, and Newfield. The project delivers blazing-fast Internet service to over 675 homes and businesses in and around rural areas of the County.

The project is already underway and is expected to be completed by fall, with service already available in all five towns. “We are committed to rural Internet and excited to bring this technology to unserved areas of Tompkins County,” said CEO Chuck Bartosch of Clarity Fiber. “It’s truly the fastest and best connection available on the market today.”

Current build-out of the fiber-optic network.

Fiber Internet offers significant advantages over copper networks — including cable — in part because it has no real limits in how much bandwidth can ultimately be delivered, is faster, and is more reliable.
Gigabit fiber is being deployed around the U.S. by Google, AT&T, and other providers. Those deployments usually focus on metropolitan areas like Kansas City, Austin or Atlanta, rather than the rural areas that really need the service. The announcement comes after Strategic Networks Group, a world leader in broadband econometrics, ranked New York State number one in the nation for broadband activity and investment.

“Clarity’s efforts have brought fast and reliable services to Dryden,” said Jason Leifer, Dryden Town Supervisor. “They are providing critical infrastructure for the growth and sustainment of the community during this critical time. And, their locally based support team has been outstanding, delivering great customer service.” 

Funded by a “New NY Broadband Program” award, administered by the New York State Broadband Program Office, and investment from Point Broadband, LLC, the 65-mile project demonstrates how public-private partnerships address the access gap which many rural New York communities face. “The State Broadband Program Award is helping expand our fiber network to residents in many towns that lacked access to high-speed Internet,” added Bartosch. “We believe the combination of this program and New York State’s unparalleled support, are critical elements not just for economic development, but in addressing the need to stay connected while maintaining social distances. In particular, fiber is ideal for supporting student educational needs.” 

Some subscribers are already enjoying Clarity’s speedy and reliable Internet while many residents are scheduling installations for the coming summer months. Says Peter Kopp, a newly installed customer “Thanks for your speedy assistance with getting us connected to your new fiber optic service. Makes a world of difference now that my wife and I will be working from home for the foreseeable future. The installer–I didn’t catch his name, unfortunately–was very courteous, observed social distancing, and installed the cable and hardware more effectively than I expected him to (it’s hardly noticeable!). He appeared to take his job and his personal safety on the road seriously.”

For more information on the Tompkins County fiber expansion, visit: www.clarityfibersolutions/tompkins