Demand Response Community Campaign – Smart Savings Rewards

What is the Smart Savings Rewards program?

NYSEG/RG&E’s voluntary demand response program is designed to reward you for reducing your electricity use during periods of high demand for electricity, while helping the environment and reliability of the electricity grid. Participants agree to brief, limited events which adjust their temperature during peak electric demand periods from May 1 through September 30, excluding holidays. You can anticipate at least one event, and a maximum of up to 15 adjustments per summer. Peak demand periods typically occur on hot, humid days.

What are the rewards?

Participants will receive an $45 Amazon e-gift card after being accepted into the program. Participants will also receive a $20 bill credit for participating in temperature adjustments throughout the summer season.

What are the requirements to participate?

NYSEG/RG&E electricity customers who have installed a qualifying connected thermostat controlling their central air conditioning system are eligible.

How does Smart Savings Rewards benefit the community?
Supports New York state’s energy initiatives.
Protects our environment by lowering emissions.
Helps reduce the cost of peak energy in our region.
AND.. If ten Newfield residents sign up through this campaign, the Town of Newfield will receive a $5,000 Clean Energy Community grant to be used for Clean Energy projects in the town.

For more information and to enroll: