Enhanced STAR Recipients Need to Register in order to Keep Tax Benefit

The Tompkins County Department of Assessment has begun mailing Income Verification Program applications to all Enhanced STAR recipients. 

Included in the New York State budget for 2018-2019, New York State is now mandating that all Enhanced STAR recipients participate in the Income Verification Program.  Tompkins County already had approximately 2,800 seniors signed up for this program, so there are only about 1,700 seniors who still need to sign up.  If a senior’s neighbor didn’t get a letter from the Department of Assessment, it is probably because they were already signed up for this program.


If a senior does not respond to our first mailing, reminder phone calls and additional mailings will go out to ensure that all seniors will register to continue this Exemption.


It is also important to note that seniors who also get a break on their town/county/school/city/village taxes, must still apply each year for that exemption in the normal application process.  For that process the Department of Assessment mails out a renewal application in mid-December, which is then due back by March 1 of the following year.