Climate Smart Communities

On June 11th, 2020 the Town of Newfield adopted the Climate Smart Communities Pledge recognizing that climate change can endanger many aspects of our community’s environment, health, infrastructure and economy and that our community is set to take deliberate actions in response to this challenge. Newfield joins over 300 municipalities in New York State registered with the Climate Smart Communities (CSC) program, including eleven in Tompkins County.

Climate Smart Communities (CSC) is a free and voluntary program that helps local governments take action to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and adapt to a changing climate. It offers free technical assistance, grants, and a checklist of action items to use as a framework to build a sustainable, climate action plan. By participating in the CSC program, Newfield can access resources, training, tools and expert guidance to help navigate a local approach to climate change.  Networking with other CSC communities is an invaluable source of ideas, modeling, and support.

Newfield has already taken several actions including an approved lighting upgrade for the Town Barn, Town Hall, and the Pine Circle well water distribution.  The Newfield Town Board has also greenlighted an LED street light program as well as the Unified Solar Permit.

The Town of Newfield adopted a Climate Action Plan on June 8th, 2023.

Climate Smart Communities (CSC) Actions

Clean Energy Communities (CEC) Actions


Newfield Climate Task Force

group of people gathered in front of an education booth at a small town event
Members of the Newfield Climate Task Force pose for a photo while at Newfield Old Home Days 2022, including (from left to right) Martha Gold, Heather McCarty, Kitty Gifford, Leo Tidd and Michelle Henry.

Formed in November 2020, the Task Force is a citizen organization that promotes and supports climate action within our community.  It serves as an advisory committee, working jointly with the Town of Newfield government to achieve the goals of the CSC Certification program.

The Task Force is drafting a List of Priorities that focuses on 20 different actions the town can consider taking.  Important among them is informing and communicating with neighbors about things they can do.  Watch for upcoming public events like community organizing, Cornell Cooperative Extension and HeatSmart Tompkins workshops, and other opportunities to get involved and make a difference in our Climate Smart Community.

2023 Task Force Members:


Community members (all are Town of Newfield residents):

Kitty Gifford (Task Force Coordinator)

Martha Gold

Town Government members:

Heather McCarty (Town Board member)

Casey Powers (Town Board member)

Deb Eichten (Planning Board – Acting Chair)

👏🏽 We thank our task force alumni for their service: Community members Heidi Eckerson and Michelle Henry , and former Planning Board Chair Leo Tidd

Concerned about Climate Change?

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The Town of Newfield adopted the Climate Smart Communities Pledge on 2020. Community members are encouraged to apply for membership in Newfield’s Climate Smart Communities task force. The CSC task force serves as a central body of leadership that promotes and supports climate mitigation and adaptation in the community. The CSC task force acts as an advisory committee that advises and collaborates with the Town government to accomplish plans, programs, and activities that are part of the CSC Certification program.

The Town Board’s intent is to include community members, business owners, elected officials, students, and leaders of community organizations who have a passion for sustainability and concern about climate change and how it will affect our community. It is essential to have a wide range of perspectives to address this complicated issue.

Applicants must have the time and energy to contribute.

To learn more, please contact Heather McCarty: or Kitty Gifford:

Resources for Community Members

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Information and Initiatives

CCE Climate Stewards Volunteers

Cornell Cooperative Extension Tompkins County

Finger Lakes Climate Fund


HeatSmart Tompkins

Ithaca Farmers Market

Southern Tier Clean Energy Webinars

Sustainable Tompkins

Tompkins County Natural Resources Inventory


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Visit these local efforts that help to re-direct materials from the waste stream into productive new uses:


In the News

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