Town of Newfield Climate Action Plan

The Climate Task Force began working on this document in the fall of 2022.  The board discussed this at the April 27th work session and scheduled a public hearing for town input.  The Town Board adopted this plan on June 8th, 2023.

Town of Newfield Climate Action Plan

The Climate Action Plan prioritizes actions that lead the town to future steps in these goals: 

Climate change mitigation and adaptation as committed to in our Climate Smart Communities Pledge. 

Silver Certification in the Climate Smart Communities program 

Additional points in the Clean Energy Communities program 

Grant funding awarded through these programs, 

To continue to be a leader in our region among small communities in these programs. 

The first actions that we propose the town take include: 

Adopting a vehicle fleet efficiency policy.  

Adopting a recycling strategy for public places & events 

Creating an educational campaign to encourage recycling, composting and reduce overall waste.  

Upgrading HVAC equipment in government buildings  

Upgrading the building envelope in local government buildings 


The Climate Action Plan is not a binding document and will be reviewed and updated yearly by the Climate Task Force.