Planning Board

Planning Board History and Membership

The Newfield Planning Board was created by legislation adopted by the Town Board in 2007: Local Law to Establish a Planning Board. Five volunteer members, who must be residents of the Town of Newfield, are appointed to the Planning Board by the Town Board for staggered, rotating five-year terms.

Current Newfield Planning Board Members:

Brenda Lapp, Chair
Term ending May 8, 2025

Debra Eichten
Term ending May 8, 2026

Benjamin Emery
Term ending May 8, 2028

John Demattia
Term ending May 8, 2028

Michael McLaughlin
Term ending May 8, 2025

Rachel Schneider
Planning Board Secretary

Purview of the Planning Board

The Newfield Planning Board’s responsibility is to help protect the health, safety and general welfare of the community, and to facilitate planning for transportation, water and sewer improvements, drainage, schools, parks and recreation through the use of comprehensive planning.

The first Newfield Comprehensive Plan was unanimously adopted by the Newfield Town Board on September 12, 2013. This seminal plan was submitted to the Town Board after five years of hard work by the original members of the Planning Board and with extensive input from the Newfield community. The Plan is a living document, intended to be revised at regular intervals, providing a shared community vision and direction for the future of Newfield. The Newfield Planning Board is charged with maintaining this document and guiding this vision toward reality under the direction of the Town Board.

The Planning Board also has the following responsibilities and authority:

  • Initial review and approval of site plan and subdivision applications for the Town of Newfield;
  • Subject to Town Board approval, the Planning Board may adopt rules, regulations, and procedures for any subject matter over which it has jurisdiction pursuant to the local law establishing the Planning Board; and
  • Providing recommendations to the Town Board for any matters referred to them by resolution of the Town Board.


The Newfield Planning Board meets on the first Wednesday of each month at the Town Hall at 7 p.m.  The public are welcome to join meetings in person or virtually via Zoom meeting option using the link and meeting ID below.

Join the Zoom meeting:

Zoom Meeting ID: 880 7033 8054

Planning Board meeting agendas and minutes are available on this page.

Applications and Laws

Please visit the Planning Board’s applications and laws page for applications and laws related to the following in the Town of Newfield:

  • Site plans
  • Subdivisions

Reports and References

To view reports written by the Planning Board, as well as references guiding their work, please visit the Planning Board’s reports and references page.