Town Plan

The Town of Newfield Planning Board has completed the Final Draft of the Newfield Comprehensive Plan with revisions based on public input.

(adopted September 12, 2013) (11mb)
If you do not choose to download the entire large file above, you may view the plan in the following ways:
  • A hard copy of the comprehensive plan is available at the Newfield Library and Town Clerk’s Office.
  •  Copies are available to purchase on flash-drive for $5.00 or CD for $1.00 at the above locations.


A comprehensive plan is an inventory and analysis of what currently exists in our town and a vision for the future. It is the basis upon which many other actions will be taken.

The Comp Plan is a fluid document which will be reviewed and updated every 5 years. During the last five years we have invested hundreds of hours in gathering input from residents through surveys and meetings; researching and interviewing stakeholders; and writing and reviewing chapters.

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