Cemeteries are a necessary part of any developing town. Just like any other part of a town, they have a history too. Though due to records being lost and gravesites being removed it is sometimes hard to construct an accurate or complete history.  Please go to the Cemeteries page of the Newfield Historical Society website for more information about Newfield cemeteries.


a newfield grave

  • Woodlawn (Main Street)  Contact: Alan Chaffee/607-564-7778
  • Bank Street Cemetery ( Bank Street)
  • Trumbulls Corners (Millard Hill near Trumbulls Corners) Contact:         Dale Ford/ 607-564-9994
  • Sebring Cemetery (Trumbulls Corners near Sebring Corners)
  • Estabrook Cemetery (Poney Hollow–Rt. 13 & Bull Hill Rd.)
  • Cutter Cemetery (Van Buskirk Gulf Road near #357)
  • Chaffee Creek Cemetery (Chaffee Creek Road)
  • Greensprings Natural Cemetery, 293 Irish Hill Road
  • Knettles Cemetery (Shaffer Road behind #1030)
  • Abraham Brown Cemetery (near Sebring Inn)
  • Hines Cemetery (Barnes Hill Road)
  • Connecticut Hill (Boyland & Connecticut Hill Roads)
  • Jedediah Brown Cemetery (5 stones on Connecticut Hill)
  • Hendershot Cemetery (Poney Hollow-Rt. 13 on County line)
  • Wood Cemetery (Cayuta Road)
  • Hyde Cemetery (Waris Road)