Newfield Earns Bronze Certification in NY State’s Climate Smart Communities Program

Newfield Acts on Climate Change: Recognized for Greenhouse Gas Reductions

Newfield, NY, has been recognized for its efforts to address climate change by earning bronze certification in the state’s Climate Smart Communities program. Governor Kathy Hochul praised Newfield and 18 other newly certified communities, stating: “I commend these communities for implementing measures that will adapt to the ongoing impacts of climate change and increase community resilience to extreme weather.”

To achieve Climate Smart Community certification, local governments accumulate points for planning and implementation actions that  educate the community about ways to mitigate the impacts of climate change in addition to actions that directly reduce greenhouse gas emissions

In addition to being certified as a Climate Smart Community, Newfield has completed NYSERDA-identified high-impact actions to earn inclusion in the Clean Energy Communities program, making Newfield eligible for state and federally funded grants. Newfield has already earned $10,000 for adopting the NYStretch Energy Code and completing a clean heating and cooling community campaign.


The Newfield task force is now working towards silver certification, the highest level of achievement available. Proposed actions for silver certification entail adopting a climate action plan that incorporates these initial priorities:

• Adopting a vehicle fleet efficiency policy

• Adopting a recycling strategy for public places & events

• Creating an educational campaign to encourage recycling, composting and reducing overall waste

• Upgrading HVAC equipment in government buildings

• Upgrading the building envelope in local government buildings

Opportunities for Grant Funding

NYSERDA Clean Energy Fund, the Regional Greenhouse Gas Initiative, and the DEC Climate Smart Communities program are among the state funding programs Newfield task force members monitor and, as appropriate, will apply for grant funding. Among the projects for which grants have previously been awarded  to other communities are the installation of electric-vehicle charging stations for public use and rebates toward purchasing or leasing electric vehicles for municipal fleets. 

For more information, visit or contact the Newfield Climate Smart Communities Task Force Coordinator,