Newfield Food Pantry Wednesday, March 18, 2020

Newfield Kitchen Cupboard – Notice for 3/18/20 Food Pantry The pantry WILL be held at the usual time, Wednesday, March 18 from 6-7pm at the Newfield Methodist Church. However, the procedure for receiving food will be changed. No one except volunteers will be admitted to the building. There will also be no bathroom facilities available for public use. We ask that families drive into the driveway, circle around the back of the lot and come back along the side of the lawn facing the road. Occupants will be given a ‘grocery list’ of the usual available foods to select and circle their choices. Volunteer ‘runners’ will take filled out lists to volunteer ‘shoppers’ inside who fill the bags and return groceries to the cars. *** It is important that families follow the 2020 ABC order to avoid parking lot congestion and long waits in your vehicle. We have plenty of food for everyone, and both dish and laundry soaps will be available, but paper supplies may be limited, unless we find a new source before Wednesday! All volunteers will be wearing gloves for everyone’s protection. We welcome you to come join our new ‘flexible’ distribution and smiling faces!