UPDATE: Newfield School Budget Hearings Scheduled

The Newfield Central School is holding a series of budget conversations at various locations over the next several days. Below are the days and times for budget conversations and presentations throughout the town.

Newfield Rod & Gun – Wednesday, 6/15, 7pm
156 Starks Rd

Buried Acorn Brewery (Stonebend Farm) – Thursday, 6/16, 5:30 pm
196 Porter Hill Rd

Online Google Meet – Thursday, 6/16, 7-9pm
Video call link https://meet.google.com/smc-kzgx-bsw

Covered Bridge Market – Friday, 6/17, 7-8:30am
176 Main St

Methodist Church – Friday, 6/17, 12:15pm
229 Main St

The re-vote on the 2022-2023 Budget Proposition will be held Tuesday June 21st between 12:00 noon and 9:00 PM in the lower gym of the Newfield Elementary School 247 Newfield, NY.

Your vote counts and is important. To vote, you need to be a resident of the Newfield School District and at least 18 years old.