NEWHARP Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Town of Newfield Planning Board?
The Newfield Planning Board was created by legislation adopted by the Town Board in 2007. Five volunteer Members, who must be residents of the Town, are appointed to the Planning Board by the Town Board for staggered, rotating five-year terms. The purpose of the Planning Board is to “protect the health, safety and general welfare of the community, and to facilitate planning for transportation, water and sewer improvements, drainage, schools, parks and recreation through the use of comprehensive planning.”

What are the roles and responsibilities of the Town of Newfield Planning Board?
The primary role of the Newfield Planning Board is to revise and develop the Newfield Comprehensive Plan, providing a shared community vision and direction for the future of Newfield. The members of the Planning Board meet every month to discuss issues such as site plan reviews, subdivision applications, review of building permits, consider applications for new laws, etc. In short, the Planning Board will discuss important land-use issues and ways to ensure that the community grows in a planned fashion that meets he community strategy and needs.