Newfield Hamlet Revitalization Plan

Newfield Hamlet Planning Forum to Be Held Thursday, January 19, 2023

7:00 PM to 8:30 PM

At the Firehall, 77 Main Street

All residents, business owners, and property owners are encouraged to attend and share their perspectives.

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The Town of Newfield Comprehensive Plan, adopted in 2013, identifies Newfield’s assets and resources and articulates a shared vision for utilizing and preserving those assets. The objective of the Newfield Hamlet Revitalization Plan is to encourage a walkable, attractive, vital hamlet downtown. The Planning Board’s initial efforts have focused on a “Complete Streets” design of the hamlet.

Co-sponsored by the Newfield Town Board and facilitated by Braver Angels, the forum will focus on the Main Street, Bridge Street, and Shaffer Road intersection – considered to be the core of the hamlet. Following a brief overview presentation, community members will work together in small groups to find common ground on aspects of how the safety and aesthetics of this critical intersection may be improved.

Potential improvements to the hamlet have been considered in the past through various studies and initiatives. Most recently in the spring of 2021, a student-led team from the Cornell Design Connect Program researched and proposed a design for consideration. While no specific plans have been approved to date, these earlier discussions provide a springboard for the January 19th forum.

Community members planning to attend this forum are encouraged to review the Hamlet Planning Forum Handout and the Cornell Design Connect materials.

Registration is encouraged, but not required. Click here to register