For cats, dogs and ferrets.  Provided by: Tompkins County Health Department Environmental Health Division – 274-6688.

Spring Clinics 7 pm – 9 pm

Lansing                    Central Fire Station                                   Wednesday May 4

Danby                       Fire Station                                                Thursday     May 5

Dryden                     Tomp. Co. SPCA                                        Wednesday May 11

Enfield                      New Highway Garage *                            Thursday     May 12

Ithaca                       Highway Garage                                        Wednesday May 18

Vaccine expires in 3 years WITH a certificate of prior vaccination. **   Vaccination expires in 1 year WITHOUT proof of  prior vaccination.**     All ferrets MUST be vaccinated annually.

*New location:  475 Enfield Main, 1 mile from Old Highway Garage

** Rabies tags are not acceptable proof of prior vaccination.

FALL CLINICS – September/October 2016

Newfield-Groton-Caroline- Trumansburg-Ithaca