Status of Town Recreation Park, Basketball, Soccer and Baseball

The Town of Newfield is committed to the health and safety of its community members above all else. To that end we are following current statewide guidelines during the COVID-19 health crisis ( with respect to sports and recreation. According to those guidelines basketball is considered a higher risk sport meaning it has the “least ability to maintain physical distance and or be done individually”. Since we do not have the resources to monitor the facilities and ensure social distancing, we have made the decision to not put up the basketball hoops at the Rec Fields at this time. This is both frustrating and disappointing for many community members who have actively participated in the construction of the fields and basketball courts on VanBuskirk Road. The town is working closely with Tompkins County Health officials and as soon as this restriction is lifted we will install the hoops. Until that time the Town of Newfield will continue to follow state and county guidance on sports and recreation. There are many sports on the list of medium or low risk activities that we will be able to offer soon.

As we receive new information we will post to this space as well as to the Town web site and the Recreation Facebook page (links below).