Update on Clarity Connect Fiber Optic Deployment

As of mid-November Clarity Connect has run fiber, both above and below ground, through parts of our town that are east and west of Route 13. By the end of the year they plan to have all homes in the current fiber buildout connected. It is estimated that about 556 homes will have high speed internet from fiber optic network. The Town is working with Clarity Connect to ensure that this project is completed as quickly and efficiently as possible.

Below is a summary of where the work has taken place, based on the map (see below).


East side of Route 13 – Cox Road to Stark Road to Bull Hill Road. Then Bull Hill Road (between Stark and Vankirk), Kellogs Corners Road , Benjamin Hill Road North to Blue Heron Lane, Vanbuskirk Gulf Road (from Kellogg’s Corners Road to Sunny View Road), Shaffer Road (between Piper Road and Vanbuskirk Road), Vanbuskirk Road, Seely Hill Road to Tupper Road then Tupper Road to about a quarter mile from Vanbuskirk Gulf Road. South of Kelloggs Corners and Bull Hill Road intersection: Vankirk Road down to Jackson Hollow Road to Warris Road, from Warris to Dassance Road and back to Vankirk Road.

On the other side of 13 (west) it runs as far south as Connecticut Hill Road along 13 to Sebring Road, all the way up Sebring to Trumbull Corners Road, continuing up Trumbull Corners to Connecticut Hill Road where it ends at Rumsey Hill Road. It also includes two branches from Trumbull Corners Road; Blovsky Hill Road and Carter Creek Road and the Shultz Drive area is one. Then up across from Millard Hill Road it includes some homes on Cayutaville Road and the Connecticut Hill branch off Cayutaville Road.

Folks who are within those areas should contact Clarity Connect (phone 607-257-8268 or https://clarityconnect.com/) to inquire about getting connected. One-time connection fees apply but there are grants that may be available to help offset those fees.

For residents that are outside of the area in the map, we are working with Clarity Connect to make over the air WiFi available. This will be an interim solution to more stable broadband service for the entire community.

In October, the Town of Newfield signed a resolution of support for Tompkins County to undertake a broadband planning study. In doing this, we joined other towns in Tompkins County to identify the areas in need of these services and deliver affordable high-speed internet. This will not happen overnight and in fact could take anywhere from two to five years to reap the benefits. We see this as a meaningful first step and the best opportunity in the last decade to solving the problem of delivering a service that has become a necessity to so many.

Please feel free to contact the town with questions.

Michael Allinger
Supervisor , Town of Newfield
ph. 607-564-3669